About Us

Our Story

We founded House of Trade™ Inc. to help bring clarity to an over speculative GTA marketplace. Sales were hitting an all-time high in Spring 2017, and with that affordability eroded for many millennials. We knew there were a lot of places young people could go to get fragmented real estate information or listings, but none of these resources made it easy to keep pace with the trends affecting the marketplace. With House of Trade™, we are working to deliver a real estate experience that is easily accessible and useful. Through our mobile app and media content we want you to gain more insight into our market, and understand the trends happening from a regional to community level. Real Estate in Real Time!



Founder & CEO/Real Estate Consultant

Jeff is a registered Real Estate Sales Professional who started his career in August 2014 and founded House of Trade™ Inc. in May 2017. He is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Ontario Real Estate Association. As the Chief Executive, his responsibilities include scaling our business operations, and implementing the company’s strategy.

As a consultant, whose focus is on market analysis, he understands the current and future trends affecting the real estate industry, and uses that insight to bring value to customers using a data driven approach.