House of trade™

The House of Trade™ app is our tool to deliver sales data of the different home types in the Greater Toronto Area to our users. We have collected 20+ years of market data to help you gain more insight into the trends affecting your neighbourhood. The interactive map displays areas using a colour coded theme to differentiate cool (blue), HOT (green) and balance (yellow) markets, bringing a more intuitive feel to market analysis. Real Estate in Real Time!

House of Trade™ Content

We have tons of content for you to enjoy! From blog posts to video content, Real Estate in Real Time is at your fingertips!

Consultant Referrals

House of Trade™ builds relationships with local experts to help you when entering the real estate process. A Real Estate Consultant is available to answer your questions, meet with you, and offer services to help assist clients throughout the real estate experience. Let us know how we can help!