I started my real estate career in August 2014, at the age of 24. As an agent, I learned early on that my “training” would involve a lot of trial and error. Learning how to market and attract clients, keeping up with trends, and staying informed on policies that affect everyone involved in the real estate process — from buyers/sellers, to agents, to builders and mortgage professionals — would by very difficult tasks to master with so few resources to turn to for guidance. I quickly realized that if it was this challenging for a new agent to stay informed, it must be extra difficult for young buyers looking for information on the real estate process, in a very dynamic market.

In 2017, I founded House of Trade™ to help bring some clarity to those that need it. Sales were hitting an all-time high in Spring 2017, and with that affordability eroded for many young people. We knew there were a lot of places younger generations could go to get fragmented real estate information or listings, but few of these resources made it easy to keep pace with the trends affecting the marketplace. Ever since, through House of Trade™, my team and I have been working to deliver a real estate experience that is easily accessible and useful. Our approach has been EDUCATION FIRST because we understand that an educated buyer will have more confidence in the decisions that they are making towards the largest purchase of their lifetime.

Through our channels, we offer content that appeals to all generations – from community tours with HOT Market, to real estate news and interviews with local professionals through HOT Topics, to educational content using whiteboard animation with House of Trade™ Shorts. We want to do our part to make home ownership a reality and less of a dream for more people. The support we have received has been amazing during our journey and we are just getting started. House of Trade™ will keep pushing forward with our vision to give you Real Estate in Real Time!