Our aim is to provide a smooth user experience throughout each of our offerings. We approach our clients with an EDUCATION FIRST mindset! An educated client will be more confident in the guidance being offered, as well as their decisions that follow. Our clients are first time and seasoned investors, seeking new developments and multi-unit investment properties within Ontario. As such, we show proficiency throughout the real estate process, through…

Working with Buyers

…working with you well beyond your purchase. If you are a first time buyer, we will help in securing financing before your home purchase, while guiding you through the buying process. With the help of our mortgage partners, we can help secure the best rates available and explain the differences between all of the financing products offered today. If you are securing your next investment, we will help highlight the pros and cons of the asset, as well as the community, and help to develop projections on your potential return on investment. Our network of contractors in: cleaning, painting, electrical, plumbing, basement waterproofing, landscaping, and much more, will also be available to aid you in achieving a higher rate of return on investment!

Working with Sellers

…implementing our selling strategies to attain the highest price possible for your property. In partnering with our clients, we develop a strong understanding of strategies and objectives. Our staging team will ensure your home will achieve the desired first impression you are looking for. A picture says a thousand words, but our videographer will leave you speechless! Putting together a tour of your property and all the value that validates its selling price. Our marketing techniques ensure that the right buyers are looking at your property to maximize your sale!

Property Management

…overseeing the day to day management of properties, and ensuring excellent tenant relations through personal contact and customer service. As property managers, we are responsible for:

  • building revenue and expenses including preparing and operating within an approved budget
  • analyzing monthly financial statements and preparation of quarterly management reports and forecasts
  • ensure tenant billings and year-end adjustments are correct and conform to the lease

Our property managers ensure efficient operation, maintenance and repair of properties including compliance with government regulations, achievement of maintenance / life safety standards and sourcing cost effective ways to operate and reduce expenses.

Real Estate Content

…offering insightful written and video content discussing various topics around Ontario real estate, and real estate investing. We have hours of original content for you to consume. Get news on what’s happening in the world of real estate with HOT Topics, take a tour through communities of the Greater Toronto Area with HOT Market, or watch educational content around real estate with our series House of Trade™ Shorts. The Mobile Age of Real Estate, our 10 part blog series, discusses some of the major changes in real estate technology that are affecting the user experience, including:

  • mortgage technology
  • home search
  • block chain technology
  • affordable housing
  • and so much more!